The Game (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Inaki Zabaletta

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The Game
 is a complete treatise on The Three Shell Game. It comes with all you need to learn and perform this great guessing game. You'll be taught maneuvers designed to fool your audience, step by step. They'll be amazed at your skill, and they'll have fun trying to guess where the pea is. Comes with all the supplies you'll need, as well as a downloadable video. Be prepared for much laughter and astonishment with The Game! 

Most realistic shells 
Handcraft finished 
Ultra-smooth shell sliding in any surface 
Specially designed for "the perfect pea steal" 
Includes the perfect glass for the climax 
Everything you need included 
Ultra-professional routine 
Download video with performance and full explanations 
Highly entertaining 

Sold for entertainment only. Not for gambling purposes.

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