The Yarn (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Manuel LLaser

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    The "No way!" signed bill in ball of wool 

A spectator's SIGNED bill vanishes and reappears tied at the end of a ball of wool!
  • The ball of wool is in the spectator's hand since the beginning of the show.
  • The bill is really SIGNED by the spectator.
  • The spectator himself unties the signed bill from the end of the yarn.
  • He also unfolds the bill and checks his signature.
  • The ball of wool is in sight the whole time, in a clear glass, while unwinding the yarn.
2 bonus super effects: 

1. Confabulation/Headline Prediction 
2. Any Card Called For 

Ideal for close-up, parlor, and stage. 
Packs small and plays big. 
Includes gimmick. 
Download video with live performance. 
Step-by-step explanation. 

Get The Yarn and fry your audiences!

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