Pineapple Surprise

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Now you CAN play with your food!
This is Sean Taylor's original routine that he performed in close-up as well as huge theatres around the globe.
The magician explains that unlike other magicians, he likes to take a few risks with his magic. He introduces a food can with no label on it and a deck of cards. Audience members choose freely, by a process of elimination, a single card. The deck is opened to show that each of the cards has a different foodstuff written on the back.
The selected card is removed and is seen to have the word Pineapple on the back; the can is opened and it contains, of course, Pineapple.
Super simple to perform, with prewritten playing cards in the english version, and unwritten playing cards in the international version.
You will receive a red Phoenix Deck with our more and more popular Large Index faces for better visibility!

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